Saturday, August 06, 2005

Aug 6 2005: DC Poetry Insurgents, Burlesque Bonfires, More Indie Ad Leads

YO! It’s almost 2am. I am waiting for Laurie Blair, Shahid Buttar, and the rest of the DC Guerrilla Poetry Insurgency to arrive… Me and Marta The Nicer Osbourne went downtown a few hours ago—distributed more Indies, gave away Insurgency flyers, posted Bonfires park leaflets/posters—then had a beer and soda each at Bearly Edible. (While we’re there, a dude was having a lonely set, I think he’s wife and daughter were there—he went, “whoarrhhhgh! Yeah, I’m a sad, sad man, whraaaarrgghhh” a-la Muddy Waters by way of Jack White by way of Donald Duck with acute-tonsilitis drawl. Tough day, isn’t it?)

At this moment, I’m with Marta, waiting for The Bonfires visitors—I just paused watching Clint Eastwood’s “Million Dollar Baby.” Right at this very moment, I’m listening to Albert King’s “Born Under A Bad Sign” (next, Howlin’ “That spoon, that spoon, that spoon” Wolf’s Best… after this Billboard Hot Latin Hits). Latin music’s baseline sentiment is very Filipino. Notice Enrique Iglesias’s very dramatic/emotional singing (he’s half-Filipino, by the way). And I’ve been dancing a lot, salsa/latin/boogie/chacha, with Daniela Romo’s “Todo, Todo, Todo” and Pandora’s “No Lastimes Mas.”

So with saltine crackers, Mountain Dew and PBR… here’s the new Updates. [Writing this from inside Hillary Swank’s boxing gloves). [Sidenote: Do you know that the USA consumes 20.5 millions of barrels of oil per day?—compared to the next closest petroleum-guzzler, China, at 6.5! No wonder, they have to invade a country for this…]

[ ] For the Nov 18 Third World Asheville benefit at the Grey Eagle, we are negotiating to have a really steamy show via The Rebelles or Atlanta’s Big City Burlesque. Hmmm, it’s not for Parental Guidance or PG-13, certainly… (Frisco-based singer-songwriter Mica Williams has also committed to perform). The Dec 3 event (other half of an autumn-time doubleheader fundraisers) also has a visiting act/band, Mississippi Cactus committing to it.

[ ] Below are additions to the newly-devised set of Bonfires/Indie weblogs.
<>Most recent article written about The Traveling Bonfires and Pasckie Pascua
<>Articles from The Indie in Asheville

[ ] The Bonfires’ weekend visitors, DC’s 9-person Guerrilla Poetry Insurgency’s Sat/Sun schedule goes this way: One hour spot at “Bonfires for Peace” (around 4:30pm); in between, they will either be drumming on changeover time (15mins), or doing impromptu drumming/poetry street gigs/workshop in the streets of downtown Asheville. They might even do some performance and/or workshop during load in/set up at the park, around 12noon. After the park event, they will have a show at Bearly Edible (along with Phuncle Sam), around 10:15pm. On Sunday, they will conduct a short 1hr poetry/percussion workshop at The Writers Block in Carolina Lane. Bobo’s Gallery (on Lex near College), via Graham and Michael Leahy (c/o Nina Collins), also expressed interest in having The Insurgency guest in their “Poetix” show tonight—but we havent gotten in touch with either of the guys yet, as of this moment, so… (There might be last-minute changes or modifications, so pls be at the park tomorrow…)

[ ] The Bonfires/Pasckie Pascua bookings at the C Note in New York City (with Mike McHugh’s main booking outfit, New Century Productions): (a) Acoustic rock act Half Light, and singer songwriter Pascal, Aug 29; (b) Frisco-based singer-songwriter Deborah Crooks, Sept 1; (c) Bossa nova act Mambola, Sept 19. Interested acts/performers who want to play at the C Note on this day, pls let me know, asap. (Mambola does a monthly/3rd Monday gig at the C Note as arranged by The Bonfires.)

[ ] Other Bonfires gig situations: (a) Phuncle Sam with be doing a Bonfires/Indie benefit at Bearly Edible on Aug 20; (b) We are trying to hook up visiting Athens GA-based all-female act, “Hoping Agoldensummer,” at Malaprops and Fred’s Speakeasy on Aug 26 (Anni Paisley recommended them to The Bonfires); (c) Again, Phuncle Sam, with June Bugg, are playing for The Bonfires at Malaprops on Sept 8.

[ ] To help augment Indie/Bonfires earnings, I am doing publicist job for Atlantic City/NYC-based concert promotions outfit, RenSun Entertainment, by Rene Sese and Ed Sunico. I will be in Atlantic City’s Taj Mahal on invite to watch a big Filipino concert (tix--$25, $38, $65, $165) that I am doing work for as PR writer/publicist. My casino hotel room is assured (uhh, for two). [Sidenote: Rene Sese was once called “Don Ho of the Philippines.” Back home, we have entertainers billed as “Michael Jackson… Celine Dion… Tom Jones… Frank Sinatra… Johnny Mathis etc etc of the Philippines.” I was once called “Beavis of the Philippines.”)

[ ] New Indie ads (collectible next week) for August issue (all under Marta The Nicer Osbourne’s efforts and persistent charisma)—(a) Cold River Gallery (one issue to one year) and (b) True Blue Arts at Haywood St (one year). The most likely ones, or those that either said, “Yes, we will, pls be back tomorrow” or “We are interested to place an ad, pls be back next week”—(a) the drum store on Eagle Street (we just forgot the name, isnt that weird?); (b) Melody clothes designer; (c) Beanie’s Place on Broadway; (d) Discount Pharmacy on Patton; (e) Jerusalem Restaurant; (f) Thrill of the Hunt on Sweeten Creek; (f) Phuncle Sam (uhh, they have already paid for it, with their many contributions to The Indie/The Bonfires…); (g) Limones Mexican Restaurant; (h) Wink Boutique; (i) In Your Ear Music.

Despite the upsetting conjectures, life’s been good, so far. Loretta Hoffman just brought us food. Mark of Bearly Edible donated another $50 yesterday, to The Bonfires. More ad possibilities are coming up. I do agree, people are really noticing The Indie now… We are expecting great turnout at the “Bonfires for Peace at Pritchard Park” today. There is also the Merrimon Fest and Downtown After Five… so people are out, they might wanna check us out, too.

Meantime, stay cool… (I gotta go back to my DVD).

1:44am. Asheville NC.


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