Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Blue Sky Asheville & Epicurian etc etc

THE INDIE's Feb 06 issue should be out tomorrow (Wed), Feb 1--which means, we're right on target to get crazier and work on two more magazines.The Indie should be out first week of the month, Wander on the second week (or around the 15th), Blue Sky Asheville (yoga, fitness, healthy living etc) on the 3rd week, and Epicurian (food and art) on the 4th week. All these magazines, as I've previously mentioned, are under the umbrella sub-project, Loved by the Buffalo Publications, which is still nonprofit. We however expect Blue Sky and Epicurian to generate concrete income--to at least pay for operational/staff budget.
Epicurian will have eight color pages, and we'll be doing an initial 3000 to 4000 copies printrun. We have already, sort of negotiated/discussed printing details with Iwanna. I'd like to focus on one printer (in re publications)--it's always good to maintain long-running (business) relationships than try out new ones. So far, we have good dealing/s with Iwanna (we overcame "little spats" before but we are fine). And I also like it hands-on always, I like to be "present" all the time.
All the computers, Mac machines, studio, and performance space and hook up organizations/businesses and people that I work with are practically located in one spot. We have a new handheld cam and will be having another one, the Mac digital editing machine is all set -- plus an entire set of (rights paid) music and effects to utilize. I know we will be needing more equipment but these will come as we sail along...
Bouchon will also provide the dining/food part to our "multicultural shows" this spring/summer, most probably starting with Haiti's N a Sonje this early May, and Glenis Redmond in June. I'd like to concentrate and focus on the four magazines and the taping/shoots of the URTV show for Feb and March to April--before we do the "special shows." But we will still definitely do "Bonfires for Peace at Pritchard Park" on a monthly basis, starting late March.
(We will definitely air our URTV show/s on May 1st week, but "previews" will air before that date, or we may even start the shows by late March.)Meantime, we will also be having a "Dark:30" gathering on Feb 21--to sort of invite community friends and acquaintances, new hook ups, media etc to some tete-a-tete, wine, and whatever, just say hello and share hands. Meantime, me and Carlos will also build a sort of "generic/general" set for the URTV show -- which may spread into two shows ("Bonfire of the Indies" and a Twin Rivers short films showcases) or a longer one that incorporates both. Kurt Mann of URTV said he might visit in one of our weekly shows this week to shoot some footages and confer with us.
Back to Epicurian -- Carlos will be basically handling the color-pages layout/graphics of this one although I will do the usual editorial/physical management and layouts. Carlos will be working closely with Marta in regards marketing/advertising. Courtyard/Twin Rivers' "house-artist" (Jason), who's based in WV, will be visiting Asheville this weekend to discuss matters, including the template of Epicurian and The Bonfires/The Indie website.Blue Sky Asheville and Epicurian's first issues come out this March.

SO WHAT do we need? We need people--TV crew, set designers, costumers, graphic artists, writers, event emcees etc etc. I know most are asking about remuneration. I dont usually talk about money because I dont have it on my hand, ever. All I need to get these madnesses done are ALL that I need in one place--so far, I have all of these in one spot (including a kitchen and an assurance of a river or forest to camp and fish this summer). As usual, my style of project management is -- I get these madnesses moving first, then anybody can hop in and join in. Some crazy soul are gotta start things off, continue and keep on doing it... than wait for a full-staff to realize a project. I dont believe in that.
I know we need competitive, committed, reliable staff to help us out--I am pushing for work, passion, and commitment but the people to talk with, in regards these money situations are Carlos and Marta. All I do is say yes or no, I always operate on the basis of comfort zones and not really on academic/artistic skills, which could be learned. So if you're interested, email me, tell me what you can do on regular basis, let's talk first.
Now, if you insist pro bono and volunteerism, that's also cool. Actually this works for younger people who might wanna build resumes and experience first. I dont really delineate volunteer work with paying jobs--as long as people have the passion and love for what they're doing, I expect output and availability and consistency.
Almost three years ago, Marta didnt even know how to dial a local number and she cried big time on her first Bonfires gig--but these days, she's talking with the City Mayor, chief of police, downtown "founders," and sealed 100% of The Indie's ads. Apart from the experience, she "owns" almost half of The Indie etc.
Meanwhile, this year, we are also open to managing acts, but I'd like to manage those who'll trust me first. We will provide what we could provide, given the situation and circumstances. Flakiness and indecisiveness borne out of fears and doubts are very prevalent in this town, in this world. But we have to risk sometimes. That's the only way that we could compromise and get things done.
In the past few months, I have been receiving feelers and invites from several agencies and "farm outfits" in NYC and LA for writers, musicians, artists--there have been many talented and great artists and writers in this town. I just wish that the ones who want to go the distance also believe that it's all work than fun, more sacrifice than comfort... We might be able to help each other.

MY APARTMENT is my office and my performance space now. Please come over and let's make things happen. This Thursday, we have new phone numbers (which I dont have at this moment, sorry)-- call Marta through that number, Carlos has a cellphone, too. I just stare at my computers for communication.Who knows, few months from now, we'll have our own restaurant, performance club, and a film production outfit, plus a music studio? All in Asheville. The Blue Sky God/dess always provides...


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