Monday, January 15, 2007

UPDATE (01.01.07)—New Indie, New Stubbornness, New Year

HAPPY NEW YEAR to one and all.
There’s not much to Update at this juncture – only a few but a few VERY significant and major ones. I am still on a deeply/reclusive reflective state of being so other “related developments” shall be shared later...
[ ] Starting Jan 15, 2007, The Indie will come out twice a month. The next is due on Feb 1. Alongside that, is the imposition of renewed/”stricter” deadline regulations, as in: Deadline of submission of articles for the 1st-15th of the month issue is every 15th of the month; for the 16th-30th/31st issue, deadline is every 30th.
For stories/articles that adhere to newsworthiness or those waiting for interviews, additional updates that may not be turned in at the aforementioned deadline dates, are given 3 days max of “grace period” or leeway, but only after an email/phone message advice/notification is sent to me 2 days before the set deadline.
Since this announcement came out after the 1st of the month deadline (for the Jan 15 issue), I will wait for submissions (for the Jan 15 Indie) until 5pm of Jan 10. Hence, after that, the next deadline (for the Feb 1 issue) is Jan 15.
Columnists have an option to submit two column stories a month. In case you prefer to maintain just one, let me know whether you prefer to be published on the first or the 15th of the month issue... Otherwise, I reserve the right to decide whichever fits (pending the first editorial meeting).
[ ] We will have two regular editorial/writers discussion/meetings every first and 3rd Saturdays of the month, starting Jan 20, 5pm-8pm, at 61 Dunwell Avenue, West Asheville (aka The Bonfires Abode). Those who feel/think that they are part (physically, spiritually / friend, acquaintance, or wanting to be part) of The Indie and/or Loved by the Buffalo Publications are welcome to join the meetings/discussions.
[ ] Starting January this year, one regular full time (Loved by the Buffalo/Traveling Bonfires) staff joins me and Marta. I will announce the identity of the person in the coming weeks. (I am meeting with possibly new/regular volunteer staff and contributing writers, from the 3rd week of Jan onwards.)
[ ] We have given up the Traveling Bonfires/Loved by the Buffalo booth at the Center of Unlimited Possibilities (CUP), effective end of Dec 06. We may “transfer” the booth in a downtown spot.
For more info or questions about other related matters, please email me. Meanwhile, stay cool – live good, love good, and eat good food!



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