Sunday, November 08, 2009

Lazybone but comfortable moments at my Candler “womb,” red orange and red glory peppers, and lots and lots of Facebook dalliances and Netflix evenings

LIFE AND LIVING circumnavigate each other like there’s always a new frontier to explore and rediscover… My last two months—or almost five months, all and all—of my return to Asheville has been smothered, caressed, or rained out with essentially unexpected conjectures and surprise blessings that putting them down in words seemed superfluous, if not redundant. Should I put down details? Who cares—other than those who could see more than what lurk in between the lines, right?
I am putting down these words, rather nonchalantly, while the right side of my cheeseball brain watches The Food Channel’s “Iron Chef” challenge, in the lonesome company of Michelob Pale Ales, cold Hendersonville apple slices, and amidst phantom-dark night. I’d like to share some news but there’s nothing much, or nothing much that I am particularly excited to ramble about…

ALMOST UNNOTICED, we had our first Traveling Bonfires show at Firestorm Café in downtown Asheville on a rain-soaked Halloween night. Other than that though—my little life has been confined to/with lazybone but comfortable moments at my new Candler hideaway (otherwise known as the “womb”)—punctuated by intermittent albeit inconsistent writings (my book project, my novel, screenplay jottings, a few love verses, charcoal sketches…) And then, the garden gigs at Holly The Hopper’s earthy, sylvan house in West Asheville, which I really silently, immensely enjoy… the smell of carrots as I dig them up the fresh ground, the red orange and red glory peppers, kale and spinach and stuff—it’s an awesome experience, so far. Too bad that autumn has somehow slowed down my “tiny farmer’s dalliance.”
I hanged out mostly in West Asheville’s West End Bakery (mid-morning breakfasts with my Toshiba laptop) and pool table distractions and occasional PBRs at Westville Pub. Brief hellos/wassups with longtime homeys Virato and Dhiraja, Dale Hoffman and Loretta, and Matt Mulder at (and beyond) Courtyard Gallery’s Jarrett Leone’s Thursday open mic. Hanged out for few days with two sets of visiting friends from New York City and Florida (Chimney Rock, Maggie Valley, Cherokee, Hot Springs), and Texas and Alabama (in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee)…
And, yes—of course, lots of Facebook wanderings and wonderings. And Netflix movies. But that’s it.

IN A NUTSHELL though, all I can say is—my Lake Junaluska respite ended in a disaster that, until now, I am still figuring out what transpired. But valuable lessons, as expected, emanated from that sad experience. It was a really bad July to mid-September “journey” for me—highlighted by an absurd conjecture by the lake.
But after that, it was all good—although on a quiet, peaceful way. Love re-bloomed and continues to blossom, warmth is all over (it always feels so good to know that someone loves so good and accepts it so warmly)… I finally got myself a wonderful pad/studio, overlooking the Blue Ridge mountain greenery. Right now, I feel a little bit bluesy and/or funky, but I know this dark/cold phase is going to pass. (I have book deadlines to deal with, damn!)
That’s all that I could share though. I should try my best to keep some of the private colors and intimate darkness behind my mystery-cocktailed green door, I guess. My “mysteries” have been flashing so bright like transparent neons with mixed-up signals lately? But, I am fine… I am taking multivitamins (Omega-3 Fish Oil Concentrate) but has gone to occasionally smoking Swisher Sweets little cigars—otherwise, it’s all good. I am struggling at working on a very detailed business plan for the return of The Indie, yes—but that’s all that I can say right now.
So take it easy, enjoy the remainder of autumn. Love good, live good, and eat only good food!
12:04am. 9 Nov 09.
Candler NC.


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