Wednesday, February 01, 2006

MORE LITTLE UPDATES (02.01.06)--Nina Marie Collins presents... and other agency submissions

I DONT REALLY understand (American) pro football. In the Philippines, "football" is the synonym of soccer ("futbol" in South America). American football is either rugby or "larong buko" (coconut game). But rugby is still played so intensely in Australia and England... Whenever I watch the Super Bowl, I cant help imagine myself being trapped in the middle of those bizarre pileups, could've been really weird, me emerging from the crazy heap a flat-tired dude. But what makes Super Bowl or the World Series or NBA Finals cool events is the fact that it feels like fiesta, people get together and have fun. Well, as long as fans dont end up breaking shop windows and car windshields afterwards,then it's cool... This Sunday, me and Carlos and his West Virginia homeys (including Marta The Nicer Osbourne), will be Super Bowl-ing at Wild Wing Cafe in Biltmore Av. Steelers vs Seahawks. I got no team--but I'm sure gonna get the Wings.
I just watched on HBO (replay) my "kababayan" (fellow native Filipino) boxer Manny Pacquiao punished Mexican Erik Morales to a knockout win. Hurting each other in sports isnt good at all, but cant help feel proud of the victory. It's weird, it's absurd--but it's sports. At least in boxing, tae kwon do, judo, and wrestling protagonists are meant or expected to throw physical might at each other to win--in hockey, they're supposed to nail that puck past the net, not to maul each other to barbaric combat. Ah, sports!
Okay, our new office number is 828 505 0268. It's probably on tomorrow (Thurs) towards the evening. And the official (new) address is 62B Lexington Avenue, Asheville NC 28801. It's downtown. I know a lot of people are confused how to get in the compound. We are working on it. We might permanently open the "Vincent's Ear"/Lexington avenue entrance, Carolina Lane gate, other Lex Av gate or Walnut street. At least, we are still closer to where the passion and the action are.
More Updates...

[ ] Nina Marie Collins presents "Seekin' the Cause," featuring UNCA-based young lady poets Lydia, Megan and Althea at the Courtyard Gallery tonight at around 9pm, right after the Wander Writers Workshop. A reshowing "Pinero" (life and times of Nuyorican poet/playwright Miguel Pinero) follows the "poetry spot." Nina has been diligently rehearsing with the performers in the last two nights... which is really very admirable and inspiring. Keep it up!

[ ] Local poetry superstar Glenis Redmond told me that she's available to perform at the Courtyard either on the first week of June, July or August. I'll be covering (for URTV) her Malaprops show with Laura Hope Gill, and guests (from Brooklyn NY) Patricia Starek and Cheryl Boyce Taylor on March 10. Our first performers to open a "multicultural showcase" spring and summer is, most probably, N a Sonje from Haiti.

[ ] Marta broke the barrier of snagging a first ad in Black Mountain. A 1/4 one year ad from Amazing Savings. It could have been a full-pager but... the wife promised to revert the ad to a full pager before the contract expires. Listen up, we are offering $600 worth of full-pager (one time) ad space -- to all four publications (one in full color), plus mentions in the URTV show.

[ ] New "random" contributions to The Indie and Wander came from screenwriter/novelist Arthur Winfield Knight from Yerington, Nevada, and author Victor M. Depta (through his agent) from Ashland, Kentucky. Mr Knight contributed his interview with Stan Laurel (of Laurel and Costello) before the comedian passed away (plus a review of "Thelma & Louise"). Mr Depta sent his new book, "The Simultaneous Mountain" [Essays on Mysticism and Poetry] for review. Anybody interested to review the book?

[ ] I am judging for the 12th Twin Rivers Media and Film Festival. I am reviewing some of the entries for The Indie, starting this Feb. (Oh, I also have to submit my introduction to Maria Lapachet's new poetry book, "In From The Cold").So far, that's it. I still dont know how to move the piano from Woodfin Place to the Courtyard. Calling the Blue Sky God/dess...

Hasta manana!


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