Monday, August 08, 2005

Condolences from Friends

Very sorry to hear about your mother. Your letter was very touching and an amazing eulogy to her life. I hope the comfort of friends and family in the weeks to come helps you through this very difficult time.
Vince Junior
Weaverville NC

My prayers are with you and your family. Hang in there.
Marco Galsim
Baltimore MD

Your mother has merely crossed over.....she is not in pain.....she is surrounded by love and joy. She is happy and is standing next to you right at this very moment. You will see her again.....and you will also feel pure love and joy.....of that I have no doubts. Take it from me......I've already died twice. They have brought me back twice because of that ridiculous oath. I know where it is that we go.....and I know that's where she is......and she is so beautiful. Know her peace......and know your peace. Rejoice in her life......and rejoice in your life. You're's not goodbye.....and you will strengthen from this because it is what your mother wishes for you. She wants you to live each day and love each day for that is why she brought you into this world. Never forget that..... Know my thoughts and prayers are with you.....
Becky Thompson
Kingman, AZ

You are surrounded in protective light~ your earth mother, now guardian angel is so proud of you~I wish you a safe space for your grief. Do what you need to do to get through this.
Peace and love,
Katie Kasben
Asheville NC

Take GOOD GOOD Care Paskie,
I've lost both my parents (my mom in March).The only thing is I can say is grief is a process--so it's most important tokeep doing what you love, AND gather the most caring support from friends AND spiritual resources, AND take time out when you need it even if those breaksare inconvenient.
Deborah Crooks
San Francisco CA

Pasckie ~
Heavy hearted feelings for the emptiness you may feel at certain moments of your madness.
Happy feelings for the engulfing spirit that you feel at every thought of your sacred Mother.
Honorable feelings dedicated to one who loses the familiar and charts another course in its wake.
Contemplative feelings when cherished memories push their way forward in your living.
Hopeful feelings for the many seconds that will accompany you along the pathway.
Uplifting feelings for life thirst and zeal that completely propel your every moment.
Thankful feelings for the spirit of self-sacrifice and giving that are you.
Joyful feelings as we absorb the peace and tranquility that shadows your journey.
Debbie Metcalf

Asheville NC

So sorry to hear of your mama san passing. My heart beats for you, for her, for your grief and loss, and your family. There are no words for such moments. Easy answers to such sorrow have always seemed empty, shallow, a false soothing of a genuine pain. So I offer you only my heart, my love, my compassion, to you, a compadre worthy of all things good. I will light a candle for you, for her as she passes into the Great Mystery, for the healing of your stricken bleeding heart, for the nurturing of your fine soul in this hour, in these days, through these weeks as you wind through the dark alleys in the aftermath of a loved ones death. I will play the drum and say some prayers and sing a song for her, and for you. Your mother was truly a gift to us all, for she brought into the world such a fine and beautiful soul who is a blessing unto us all, which is you, a compadre of the first magnitude, who walks in a meaningful way, doing meaningful things, who walks in a good way . . . on a road worth walking...Many blessings to you my compadre, as you walk your walk in the days and weeks ahead. The love and respect of many walk with you, step after step, day by day.
Give a call if you need a warm shoulder, a tender heart, a listening ear, or a cold frosty fresh from the tap.
Kapila Ushana
Asheville NC

I was so sorry to hear of your news! Having read your letter below, it seems she was a formidable spirit -- one you manifest everyday, I suspect. You have our deepest condolences and most sincere blessings -- not to mention thanks, for your generous support of our visit. We look forward to returning your hospitality soon. Stay strong, my man, and remember that the universe harbors much love for you...perhaps even more, now that your biological source has rejoined the one from which we all sprung....
Peace, in the world and of mind,
Shahid Buttar
Washington DC

I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I'll be thinking about you. Thiswas a beautiful piece honoring your mother. Your strength is aninspiration.

Linda Barrett Knopp
Malaprop's Bookstore/Café
Asheville NC

Hi. I'm with you in this strange situation. I want to say condolences, I think it might relieve you a little but I find the line too perfunctory. I do not know what is like to lose a parent thus I would not be able to understand what you feel. I do not feel sad when people pass away though, especially when it happens at their ripe age. I actually feel pleased for the old person's soul. This earth make souls weary and heaven must be a destination for a respite, and maybe eternal bliss and peace for all of us. I'm just here for anything Pasckie. Email me if you must, the way we always do. Yeah, I agree with you, we must live life like it's a gift.
Hear from you again.
Windel Ann Lacson

MY condolences Pasckie...what a beautiful memory you have written. All the best.
Jen Larkin
Manhattan, NY

I was very saddened to learn of your news. Our hearts are with you and feeding you much heeling energy. Thank you for such a fabulous time in Asheville. We felt very welcomed and taken care of on so many levels....we really enjoyed ourselves.
much love, much heeling and much release of love into the universe.
Laurie Blair
Washington DC

I am so sorry to hear about your mother. I think you are fortunate to have had such a person to love. I am sure you will carry your life forward in the way she would want.
Lots of love,
Bob Brown
Asheville NC

Condolence to you and your family. I don't have the words... hope you'll have all the strength you'll need for your journey.

Jo-Jo Valenzuela
Germantown MD

All our condolences, prayers and love to you. I know, your Mother will be happy on the other side of life...and I know too na you will be more stronger....stronger than the person that I used to know. Pasckie, no matter what, I'm here for you..spiritually,,,and we both have the same thing in common- spreading beautiful poems, writing songs, LOVE and PEACE to mankind.....keep your mother's memory in your life forever!

Gino and The Inocentes Family

I am so sorry. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Maria Gregorio
London UK

I am thinking of you after hearing about the passing of your mother. it is wonderful that you have had the experience of her unconditional love and support... i know that you are carrying it on to others. many blessings to you. sincerely,
Stephanie Morgan

Asheville NC

from the moonbugs

tol, our sincerest condolences from my family to yours!
Renrick Pascual
Jersey City

We're so sorry to hear of your mom's passing.
Take care.
Steve, Karen and Sam Tiongson


Nakikiramay ako. I will pray for your mother.
Jimmy Almario


I am so sorry to hear about your mother. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I realize my request for The Indie is irrelevant knowing about the loss of your mother. I will call Marta on Thurs. to remind her and appreciate it. I look forward to Thurs. and hope you are doing well.
Kimberly Summer

Asheville NC

I'm so sorry to hear about your mother. Hang in there.
Jessica Balde


[For more condolences and farewell words to my dear departed Mother, pls go to and]


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