Monday, February 27, 2006

UPDATE (02.23.06)--DJs at the Park, R Kelley Writers Workshop, Booking Notes

THURSDAY CRUNCH DEADLINE TIME. Imagine daily papers checkin' out fastbreaking news before 6pm deadline, TV newsrooms drowning in an aquarium of nicotine smoke amidst endless brainstorm chatter--everybody's stressed out, everybody's focused, everybody's workin'. It's just another day in the office, tomorrow they'll do that again. I know the feeling.

It's fast, it's relentless, it's very demanding--but I loved the feeling.This time, there is no 6pm deadline to beat on a 7/24 basis. But still--my madman work motto goes, "If you dont have anything to do, dont do it here." This week is my crunch time for The Indie's March issue.With that, here's a few VERY significant Updates.

[ ] A bit of a shake-up with the "Bonfires for Peace at Pritchard Park, Year 3's" kickoff event this April. The FINAL date of the first concert-event is APRIL 15. And it will solely be a Goa Trance DJ afternoon-to-evening of nonstop spinning/dancing, featuring Chris Johnson AKA Kri, and his Touch Samadhi deejay buddies. From about 2 or 3pm till 10pm, expect no bands or singer-songwriters, just DJs. In 2004, Kri and Blue Spectral Monkey performed for "Bonfires for Peace" in two well-attended occasions. We also did two or three (Core Pad/Carolina Lane, Tribes/Haywood St) joint fundraise events with Chris J and friends in 2003 and 2005. (Part of the donations proceeds go to Heidi Sidelinker's impending wrist surgery. Heidi played for "Bonfires for Peace" in 2004.)

[ ] The May "Bonfires" happen on May 6. The lineup--Brooklyn NY-based singer-songwriters Adrienne Nightingale and Malcolm Rollick, NJ-based eleven-piece funk/R&B band Blue Number Nine (, and local blues luminary The Laura Blackley Band as main event. Ms Nightingale and Ms Rollick will also do coffeeshop/gallery gigs for The Bonfires/Rain Mngmnt on May 3 and 4; Blue Number Nine gets to play party gig at a local dance club on the evening of May 6 or 7, they'll be doing an early morning spot in a musicfest in Charleston SC on May 6. [Other BforP commitments--Raleigh NC-based Sally Spring (June), Frisco singer-songwriter Deborah Crooks (Aug). Other reserved BforP dates--June 10, July 1, Aug 5, Sept 2. NOTE: Those who signified participation in succeeding events, pls let me know exact date/s that you plan to join].

[ ] There will be a slight (or is minor?) change in regards the performance details of the visiting N a Sonje from Haiti. They realized they couldnt do an open-air/outdoor show so we are currently rush-looking for an alternative indoor venue. And they can only perform on April 14. They are currently in Denver. They will be traveling (land) from Richmond VA to Asheville on April 13. Glenis Redmond and Shannon Warwick offered to accommodate the visitors... (More on this later.)

[ ] REJOINDER/s. The Traveling Bonfires or Rain Management (or myself and Marta The Nicer) are not managing any local act at this juncture. My apologies for the premature announcements. Meantime, we have already sent out the remaining (local acts) presskits to several cafes and clubs in Asheville. We are currently awaiting word in regards that last batch of booking submissions... (I do accept CDs for Indie review though, and future bookings or simply to include in our roster of bands/acts.)

Meanwhile, focal point of booking efforts is the spring to summer/fall "Bonfires for Peace at Pritchard Park" and occasional Courtyard special shows. Our current mode of booking goes, hence--(1) opening act or share-gig/bill with a visiting act acquired/networked by The Bonfires/Rain Management (right now, we have ample list of local acts to choose from, mostly those who have already performed with The Bonfires or featured in The Indie's "rock street asheville" section), (2) local acts who seek to hit the road, but we can only arrange/orchestrate gigs/bookings only if acts provide us with CD/demos, presskit, website or webpage (sonicbids, myspace etc), and most importantly, DEFINITE DATES when they plan to hit the road or play in certain region/cities/towns (eg last week of June, 3rd weekend of May, and so on and so forth).

Aside from the (visiting) acts above, we are currently hooking up road gigs to 17 other singer-songwriters/bands--mostly from out of state--in consonance with the Vagrant Wind road tour project from March to October.No, I am NOT hitting the road (as we relentlessly did in 2004/2005) -- I am simply hooking gigs up via emails and phones, while Marta and Rain Mngmnt/The Bonfires links and connects up north (and elsewhere) seal them up. Although I may go to New York in June or July on personal and business purpose/s and to supervise a Long Island NY collaborative Bonfires concert (with Maria Lapachet), and an Asian-American band showcase in downtown Manhattan (for Philippine landslide/typhoon victims).

[ ] Robert Kelley's Tuesday writers workshop has begun their first Courtyard session last Tuesday, the 21st. Most of his regulars -- Walter Dinteman, Alphonse Fazio, Rena Wright, Jim Cox, Karen Nilsen -- contribute to Wander.[ ] Jim Cox (Wander contributor) suggested a writing competition fundraise for "Loved by the Buffalo Publications;" Siobhan Clarke (Dublin, Ireland) and Anne Chenault (Lyons, France) are currently organizing a poetry reading benefit for Philippine landslide victims...

That's it! SALUT!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

WHAT'S UP? Cool Filmshow, Phone Intramurals, Spring is Here!

SPRING IS HERE! All these beautiful people, lovely souls--they're all over downtown. Who says we at the Courtyard/Bonfires got a lot of things goin' on? I dont think so, not yet. I told Carlos "Devadip" Steward and Marta The Nicer Osbourne that we're not yet there. I feel like I still have maybe 6 idle hours in my waking hours to make good use of... by late March till Sept/Oct, the Courtyard will definitely rock the journey and jazz up the sublime madness!

[ ] AWESOME! Following a standing/squatting-room-only students (UNCA, mostly) night last Wednesday, we had a pretty "intergalactic" open mic last Thursday. We had this cool dude who played a kinda Sam Peckinpah/flamingo-tinged guitar... in between his strum/finger-picks, he went on long ruminations--while having his eyes firmly fixed on the wall (or painting?)--not looking at the audience at all, not breathing at all. Awesome! (Emcee) Jarrett Leone's "throat" singing/musings over didje... Sean's little, magical brass gongs, tiny bells, xylophone... Dr Love's spoken word over Emotef(?)'s percussions... Morella Poe's "dark" poetry... Ash D's group jam... Awesome! Awesome! (Imagine Vincent Price reading this piece... as thunderstorm rips the night.)

[ ] COOL FILMSHOW. We had the largest attendance in our Friday filmshows last night! "Mr Hulot's Holiday" from France, a 1950s movie. We didnt need to know French to appreciate a French jewel of a movie, indeed. Thanks, Rena Wright for continually spreading the good vibe to all your wonderful friends! Next Friday, it's "Das Boot" by German director Wolfgang Petersen.

[ ] WANDER INVITE. To writers groups in town, anytime you want to--the Courtyard Gallery is open to all of you, whether you wanna do a workshop on a Tuesday or Wednesday. It's not about Wander or Traveling Bonfires writers workshops--it's all about community workshop. So it doesnt have to be a "house" (ie Courtyard/Bonfires) workshop, we writers need cool shelter--relatively comfortable, intimate, quiet, sober, art-ambianced, free space. Our doors are open (uhh, well, you just to "find" it among the three entrance/s at Walnut, Carolina Lane, Lex Av--sorry... but we're working that out, next time you wont be confused anymore.)

[ ] THANKS TO GLENIS REDMOND. For continually silently networking The Bonfires... If negotiations/plans work out towards mutual benefits, the kick-off "multicultural interface" special events at the Courtyard Bonfires shall be through (1) a filmshow/spoken word/art exhibit by a visiting east Indian young (woman) artist from New York Univ this late March. Then this spring, (2) N A Sonje from Haiti, hopefully, will be here. These "multicultural" events also include food c/o Cafe Bouchon (Indian, Haitian etc)--so it'll be (culturally) thematic, sort of.

[ ] BONFIRE OF THE INDIES. By spring, we will also be preparing/designing the "gallery annex" (1st room before our office, before the apartment studio)--as a backup gallery, screening room, and "generic" backdrop design for the "Bonfire of the Indies" indoor set. But I'm still scouting for an outdoor spot to build a real bonfire... this visual image ties up the entire show.

Meanwhile, these are some of the subjects/topics that I've lined up as episodes: Courtyard Gallery/Twin Rivers, “Bonfires for Peace at Pritchard Park,” Coven Oldenwilde, Kelly Lee Phipps/Benjamin Bernstein (astrologers), Asheville's goth scene, Pure Energy (Jarrett, Sean etc), Emoke B’Racz/Malaprop’s, Lexington Av business, trance goa, downtown street buskers, Rosetta's Kitchen, Carolina Lane, activist smorgasbord. These topics shall be punctuated/counterpointed by little downtown shows, Courtyard shows, street interviews. I'm already drafting scripts/sequence treatments, making "storyboard" sketches... I'd like to make it funny, raw, grainy, handheld/shaky cam work, almost like "student theses" work, spontaneous stuff. As in most or all of my work--everything is a continuum, a workshop, hit-and-miss-hit-again situation, "I dont believe in one-time things" project philosophy. If I dont get anchorpersons that I like, I will most likely put on Noh theater or an Ace Frehley mask... serious. So please, recommend anchorpersons.

[ ] BLUE SKY. Blue Sky Asheville (the 3rd magazine under Loved By The Buffalo Publications) isnt going to be exclusively about specific, particular "spiritual/religious/cultural belief." Like the TV show, it'll be about all-peoples. Catholics, pagans, free spirits, witches/covens, Protestants, Christians, Moslems, Taoists, Hindus, Ananda Marga, Hare Krishnas. It's not all about making other faith/beliefs feel like they're wrong, evil, inappropriate, bad. Blue Sky is all about blue sky--it's humanity, it's over us, it's around us.

ASIDE: When I was new here in Asheville, I tried to volunteer layout/graphics work for a "spiritual" publication in town. The publisher/editor asked me about my views/opinion about "spirituality," "yoga," "religion." She said that my views dont vibe or agree with their publication's views about spirituality, so they cant possibly have me in their organization (although my supposed work was graphics/layout, not as a writer.) Three years ago, I had a cool almost-four months online communication with the editor/publisher of a women's magazine for a collaborative fundraise project. She thought I was female... when I suspected that, I asked her to make sure. The moment she realized I was actually male, she dropped the project altogether. So when the marketing/advertising staff of both magazines solicit ads from me (for The Traveling Bonfires), I cant help but wonder... It's because it's business, it's okay? [Why do we have to be exclusively this and that?]

[ ] EPICUREAN. Food and art. Food isnt confined to/with vegan, inorganic, vegetarian--we'd like to feature food from different cultures, irrelevant whether it's pasta or boar meat or string beans. Same with art. NOTE: You dont have to place an ad to be covered by "Epicurean." We need good stories, good art, good food. Uhh, well--I still have 17 ramen packets, 11 cup-a-noodle -- but I am happy to say that I am now cooking good, cool food. Not microwaved, not canned food -- but "food." Both Blue Sky and Epicurean come out March, next month--so next month, we will have four magazines. Four down, three more to go--my target is always seven. When people ask me (well, man, I get a lot of this kind lately)--"Do you ever sleep?" Thing is, I still oversleep. These are only four magazines, others make daily newspapers and weekly magazines. I worked with dailies for many years before--I closed four to six broadsheet pages everyday of my life. Why cant I work on seven magazines in one month? Before, we didnt have fast research (via internet), no computers at all--but we had output.

[ ] COURTYARD SPECIAL SHOWS. We are currently preparing a spring-to-summer calendar of events. Any recommendations? Apart from the acts/performers (local, visiting) that I already announced, we still have to fill up slots.

Oh, the first 2006 "Bonfires for Peace at Pritchard Park" happens on the last Saturday of March. We might have a "Loud and Peaceful" all-metal/goth bands show somewhere in town, and a "Dark:30" gathering on Feb 21. Red roses to couples, gift certificates to lucky lovers of the night!

Lastly, anybody called the new Indie/Bonfires number? Sorry, that's wrong number. No, I wasnt wrong. Charter gave us that number but realized it was wrong... then they failed to file our name in their system, then they couldnt find a way to hook up the cable (after installing the cable TV and internet pipeline), then... So the phone isnt hooked up yet. They said, it'll be next week (Tues, the 7th)--but they assured Marta that we will get one-month FREE (no bills) because of the hassle of their doing. We probably lost three or four ads from that phone situation.

Oh, the right number is 828 505 0290. Now, time to hit Wander presswork. It's almost 2:30am, I'm watching the Food Network while Bjork keeps me company. Wander Issue #2 should be out on the 14th.


Wednesday, February 01, 2006

MORE LITTLE UPDATES (02.01.06)--Nina Marie Collins presents... and other agency submissions

I DONT REALLY understand (American) pro football. In the Philippines, "football" is the synonym of soccer ("futbol" in South America). American football is either rugby or "larong buko" (coconut game). But rugby is still played so intensely in Australia and England... Whenever I watch the Super Bowl, I cant help imagine myself being trapped in the middle of those bizarre pileups, could've been really weird, me emerging from the crazy heap a flat-tired dude. But what makes Super Bowl or the World Series or NBA Finals cool events is the fact that it feels like fiesta, people get together and have fun. Well, as long as fans dont end up breaking shop windows and car windshields afterwards,then it's cool... This Sunday, me and Carlos and his West Virginia homeys (including Marta The Nicer Osbourne), will be Super Bowl-ing at Wild Wing Cafe in Biltmore Av. Steelers vs Seahawks. I got no team--but I'm sure gonna get the Wings.
I just watched on HBO (replay) my "kababayan" (fellow native Filipino) boxer Manny Pacquiao punished Mexican Erik Morales to a knockout win. Hurting each other in sports isnt good at all, but cant help feel proud of the victory. It's weird, it's absurd--but it's sports. At least in boxing, tae kwon do, judo, and wrestling protagonists are meant or expected to throw physical might at each other to win--in hockey, they're supposed to nail that puck past the net, not to maul each other to barbaric combat. Ah, sports!
Okay, our new office number is 828 505 0268. It's probably on tomorrow (Thurs) towards the evening. And the official (new) address is 62B Lexington Avenue, Asheville NC 28801. It's downtown. I know a lot of people are confused how to get in the compound. We are working on it. We might permanently open the "Vincent's Ear"/Lexington avenue entrance, Carolina Lane gate, other Lex Av gate or Walnut street. At least, we are still closer to where the passion and the action are.
More Updates...

[ ] Nina Marie Collins presents "Seekin' the Cause," featuring UNCA-based young lady poets Lydia, Megan and Althea at the Courtyard Gallery tonight at around 9pm, right after the Wander Writers Workshop. A reshowing "Pinero" (life and times of Nuyorican poet/playwright Miguel Pinero) follows the "poetry spot." Nina has been diligently rehearsing with the performers in the last two nights... which is really very admirable and inspiring. Keep it up!

[ ] Local poetry superstar Glenis Redmond told me that she's available to perform at the Courtyard either on the first week of June, July or August. I'll be covering (for URTV) her Malaprops show with Laura Hope Gill, and guests (from Brooklyn NY) Patricia Starek and Cheryl Boyce Taylor on March 10. Our first performers to open a "multicultural showcase" spring and summer is, most probably, N a Sonje from Haiti.

[ ] Marta broke the barrier of snagging a first ad in Black Mountain. A 1/4 one year ad from Amazing Savings. It could have been a full-pager but... the wife promised to revert the ad to a full pager before the contract expires. Listen up, we are offering $600 worth of full-pager (one time) ad space -- to all four publications (one in full color), plus mentions in the URTV show.

[ ] New "random" contributions to The Indie and Wander came from screenwriter/novelist Arthur Winfield Knight from Yerington, Nevada, and author Victor M. Depta (through his agent) from Ashland, Kentucky. Mr Knight contributed his interview with Stan Laurel (of Laurel and Costello) before the comedian passed away (plus a review of "Thelma & Louise"). Mr Depta sent his new book, "The Simultaneous Mountain" [Essays on Mysticism and Poetry] for review. Anybody interested to review the book?

[ ] I am judging for the 12th Twin Rivers Media and Film Festival. I am reviewing some of the entries for The Indie, starting this Feb. (Oh, I also have to submit my introduction to Maria Lapachet's new poetry book, "In From The Cold").So far, that's it. I still dont know how to move the piano from Woodfin Place to the Courtyard. Calling the Blue Sky God/dess...

Hasta manana!

Blue Sky Asheville & Epicurian etc etc

THE INDIE's Feb 06 issue should be out tomorrow (Wed), Feb 1--which means, we're right on target to get crazier and work on two more magazines.The Indie should be out first week of the month, Wander on the second week (or around the 15th), Blue Sky Asheville (yoga, fitness, healthy living etc) on the 3rd week, and Epicurian (food and art) on the 4th week. All these magazines, as I've previously mentioned, are under the umbrella sub-project, Loved by the Buffalo Publications, which is still nonprofit. We however expect Blue Sky and Epicurian to generate concrete income--to at least pay for operational/staff budget.
Epicurian will have eight color pages, and we'll be doing an initial 3000 to 4000 copies printrun. We have already, sort of negotiated/discussed printing details with Iwanna. I'd like to focus on one printer (in re publications)--it's always good to maintain long-running (business) relationships than try out new ones. So far, we have good dealing/s with Iwanna (we overcame "little spats" before but we are fine). And I also like it hands-on always, I like to be "present" all the time.
All the computers, Mac machines, studio, and performance space and hook up organizations/businesses and people that I work with are practically located in one spot. We have a new handheld cam and will be having another one, the Mac digital editing machine is all set -- plus an entire set of (rights paid) music and effects to utilize. I know we will be needing more equipment but these will come as we sail along...
Bouchon will also provide the dining/food part to our "multicultural shows" this spring/summer, most probably starting with Haiti's N a Sonje this early May, and Glenis Redmond in June. I'd like to concentrate and focus on the four magazines and the taping/shoots of the URTV show for Feb and March to April--before we do the "special shows." But we will still definitely do "Bonfires for Peace at Pritchard Park" on a monthly basis, starting late March.
(We will definitely air our URTV show/s on May 1st week, but "previews" will air before that date, or we may even start the shows by late March.)Meantime, we will also be having a "Dark:30" gathering on Feb 21--to sort of invite community friends and acquaintances, new hook ups, media etc to some tete-a-tete, wine, and whatever, just say hello and share hands. Meantime, me and Carlos will also build a sort of "generic/general" set for the URTV show -- which may spread into two shows ("Bonfire of the Indies" and a Twin Rivers short films showcases) or a longer one that incorporates both. Kurt Mann of URTV said he might visit in one of our weekly shows this week to shoot some footages and confer with us.
Back to Epicurian -- Carlos will be basically handling the color-pages layout/graphics of this one although I will do the usual editorial/physical management and layouts. Carlos will be working closely with Marta in regards marketing/advertising. Courtyard/Twin Rivers' "house-artist" (Jason), who's based in WV, will be visiting Asheville this weekend to discuss matters, including the template of Epicurian and The Bonfires/The Indie website.Blue Sky Asheville and Epicurian's first issues come out this March.

SO WHAT do we need? We need people--TV crew, set designers, costumers, graphic artists, writers, event emcees etc etc. I know most are asking about remuneration. I dont usually talk about money because I dont have it on my hand, ever. All I need to get these madnesses done are ALL that I need in one place--so far, I have all of these in one spot (including a kitchen and an assurance of a river or forest to camp and fish this summer). As usual, my style of project management is -- I get these madnesses moving first, then anybody can hop in and join in. Some crazy soul are gotta start things off, continue and keep on doing it... than wait for a full-staff to realize a project. I dont believe in that.
I know we need competitive, committed, reliable staff to help us out--I am pushing for work, passion, and commitment but the people to talk with, in regards these money situations are Carlos and Marta. All I do is say yes or no, I always operate on the basis of comfort zones and not really on academic/artistic skills, which could be learned. So if you're interested, email me, tell me what you can do on regular basis, let's talk first.
Now, if you insist pro bono and volunteerism, that's also cool. Actually this works for younger people who might wanna build resumes and experience first. I dont really delineate volunteer work with paying jobs--as long as people have the passion and love for what they're doing, I expect output and availability and consistency.
Almost three years ago, Marta didnt even know how to dial a local number and she cried big time on her first Bonfires gig--but these days, she's talking with the City Mayor, chief of police, downtown "founders," and sealed 100% of The Indie's ads. Apart from the experience, she "owns" almost half of The Indie etc.
Meanwhile, this year, we are also open to managing acts, but I'd like to manage those who'll trust me first. We will provide what we could provide, given the situation and circumstances. Flakiness and indecisiveness borne out of fears and doubts are very prevalent in this town, in this world. But we have to risk sometimes. That's the only way that we could compromise and get things done.
In the past few months, I have been receiving feelers and invites from several agencies and "farm outfits" in NYC and LA for writers, musicians, artists--there have been many talented and great artists and writers in this town. I just wish that the ones who want to go the distance also believe that it's all work than fun, more sacrifice than comfort... We might be able to help each other.

MY APARTMENT is my office and my performance space now. Please come over and let's make things happen. This Thursday, we have new phone numbers (which I dont have at this moment, sorry)-- call Marta through that number, Carlos has a cellphone, too. I just stare at my computers for communication.Who knows, few months from now, we'll have our own restaurant, performance club, and a film production outfit, plus a music studio? All in Asheville. The Blue Sky God/dess always provides...

SORT OF UPDATE (01.26.06)--artworks, cover art, cartoons... Oh yes, volunteers and writers!


[ ] AS YOU ALL WELL KNOW, we are coming up with two more magazines this March or spring. These are BLUE SKY ASHEVILLE (healthy living, yoga, musings&ruminations etc) and EPICURIAN (food and art). Blue Sky, like The Indie and Wander, are black&white publications. Epicurian, which is a co-publishing venture with Carlos Steward or Courtyard Gallery & Agency, is partly color. All publications are under the nonprofit Loved By The Buffalo Publications (except Epicurian, which is a co-venture). Buffalo is a sideproject (with The Traveling Bonfires, Rain Management, among others) of The Independent Communications Inc, a national (NY-registered) 501c3 organization.

If you have some filed artwork that you may want to donate/contribute to these publications for cover art, complementing/accompanying art to articles etc, feel free to email them to me via either or For color materials, please cc Carlos at I will be working on my PCs for the first 3 publications, the MacIntosh (with Carlos) for Epicurian. I dont know the graphic/color (DPIs, resolutions etc) intricacies of Macs but Carlos works on Macs, so he's the mainman for that one. Of course, these are all pro bono work, but if you are interested to do long-term/consistent work, we might have something about $$$ later.

Those who have expressed willingness to contribute work are Jen Larkin (New York City), Duane Lucas Pascua (Manila), David English (Venice Beach CA) Matt Mulder, Revela Cronus, Cynthia Potter-Steward, and John Pfifferling (Asheville).

[ ] MEANTIME, Loved by the Buffalo will also be publishing Gaither Stewart's novella, "Russia Is Far Away" ("It is about espionage and terrorism, and contains as usual in my stories some kind of social message but also full of action and interesting characters. It is 20,000 words..." --Gaither) Proceeds go to The Indie/Buffalo's fund. His Russian friend contributed the cover print/art.

Fitness instructor and health food cookbook author Tanya Lee Sheehan, from Canada and currently Asheville resident, applies to write for either or both BLUE SKY and EPICURIAN. Tanya is local astrologer Kelly Lee Phipps' girlfriend... I also invited Kelly (who used to be The Indie's resident astrologer) to write for Blue Sky. [Him and current Indie starman Benjamin Bernstein are collaborative astrologers in a podcast program.] A Cordillera mountains (north of Philippines) herbolario or herbalist, whom I simply call Apo Lakay, will also be writing for Blue Sky.

[ ] MY LONGTIME Manila assistant/associate Olive Obina is back in the fold--after a sojourn in Japan. She will be Manila Bonfires/Indie's mainperson. Her first mission is "clean up" of the mess that the past Manila leadperson left on her devastating wake. Remember the October Manila show that get enmeshed with the sad Mars Hill NC Bonfires? That last four months (including my Mom's passing) of 2005 was a tragedy... we can only rise from the ashes, as the phoenix says. Olive was my last assistant in Manila before I left in 1998. I took her in, fresh from college. We ran between typhoon downpours, waded around floods, shared meals while on maddening presswork. She's still the same, an avid supporter of the madness.

In America, I have been looking for younger souls who could do school homework, do personal stuff, and do some "madness" gigs such as these with equal passion, focus, and inspiration... some young spirit who could bang at my front door at 6am to get me to work, or spend time at Kinko's at 3am whether there's snow or rain or it's a cool weather. I remember those days when I was a stubborn, gangling 15 year old, having to muster and heal bruised egos and emotional agony after editors hurled and made fun with my manuscripts at my face, "If you want to be a journalist, you have to do better than this shit!" I remember those days when I begged, "Please, just 30mins on your lunch break, please read my poems..." with older poets in Manila. I am not 15 or 25 years old anymore, but it seems I have more energy, focus and fire than the average 15 or 25 years old these days... Those days, we didnt have computers, vehicles, cellphones, laptops -- lack of money wasnt the real threat, Martial Law's super-zealous Gestapo-like soldiers and hitmen are the real scare.

So volunteers, interns etc--please come over without being asked and tell yourself, "This is for me, not for Pasckie, not for Marta The Nicer Osbourne, not for Carlos, not for The Bonfires, not for The Courtyard, not for my rent, not for my boyfriend or girlfriend, not for my school credits -- BUT FOR ME!" We have all the tools that you need to challenge the thunder and dare the sun -- you have to do it yourself, the Blue Sky God/dess always provides the rest, mostly those that you cant hold or touch.

Four magazines, one TV show, weekly activities, special shows... and free coffee and a movie. Beautiful life, isnt it so? Einstein said, "One percent inspiration, 99 percent perspiration." Funny, in America, we only basically perspire a lot when we do the threadmill at a claustrophobic gym or have condomized sex.