Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Aug 11.05--Legal Assist, Laura Blackley, "Alay kay Nanay"

HOW ARE Y'ALL. Gloomy day basically, but there should be sunshine within our hearts and spirits after the dark enveloped. No matter what happens to the world, within or without, life carries on... Today, Aug 11, a Thursday--we have another intimate show at Malaprop's Bookstore, from 7pm to 9:45pm. Alongside myself, we'll have Matt Mulder (poetry), Vanessa Boyd, and Kimberly Summer. Kim is comin' fresh from her summer road tour.

I received some inquiries/questions whether I'm coming home for my Mom's funeral. I am not. She was cremated and laid to rest two nights ago--in Manila. (My other brother, who lives in Las Vegas, is coming home this Nov.) I already talked with all my brothers and sisters (and Dad), and tried to set more concrete directions to what I have been doing here in the US... No matter-- the urgency, zeal and enthusiasm that I imbue in The Traveling Bonfires and The Indie arent fizzling out. Wombed inside The Indie Crib most of the time these days--with Marta The Nicer Osbourne--we continue to devise ways to improve implementation of current projects, expand network, work on more income-generating brainstorms etc etc.

So time to shake the blues. I am still deeply grieving inside, but I'd like to face the world with renewed, re-energized, more inspired tact and resolution these days. (By the way, thanks to our next-floor neighbor Rachelle Arrowood, for the sweet and thoughtful gestures lately. She's been giving us little gifts from Earth Fare lately... It feels cool to wake up in the morning with organic soap, liquid incense, homegrown tomatoes etc on The Indie's door. Thanks, also, Katie K for the nice, comforting words whenever you drop by the office...)

So here are the Updates. (I am writing this from within my Mother's heart.)

[ ] Local (Asheville) rock-folk-blues favorite daughter, Laura Blackley, will be headlining the pre-booked Dec 3 "Third World Asheville/Traveling Bonfires" concert at the Grey Eagle. Alongside her are touring acts, funk-blues-rockin' Mississippi Cactus (from Evansville, Michigan), and singer-songwriter Patty Keough, plus perennial Bonfires friend Vanessa Boyd. It's a 5pm-2am event, so expect more acts. Most likely to join is Bonfires homeys Phuncle Sam, plus more. More performers are invited... but let us know, asap, because I intend to finalize the lineup in a week or so.

The other half of that 3rdWAsheville fundraise drive is the Nov 18 show. This one might be an all-female show (with a possible mini-art auction, in between sets). Those who have committed to play are Vanessa Boyd, Frisco-based singer-songwriters Mica Lee Williams (confirmed) and Deborah Crooks (unconfirmed). We are actually trying to negotiate with The Rebells and/or Atlanta's Big City Burlesque for the featured show spot. We might also invite the women-poets that did the "Poetix" show at Bobo's Gallery last weekend (when DC's The Insurgency was here). Our contact is Ylem of the Writers Block at Carolina Lane.

[ ] Thanks to (currently) Chapel Hill-based Bonfires friend Nina Marie Collins for the hook up/networking efforts--Michael Leahy/Graham (Bobo's Gallery) and Jaclynn Wienke (she does some projects with the Grey Eagle). I will get in touch with these guys in a few days...

[ ] We are seeking legal assistance/help from Bruce Elmore, who's been working with WNC Peace Coalition, particularly in regards our dealings/communication with the City of Asheville's Parks&Recreation Department. He already talked with Marta on the phone... I might meet up with him next week, or so. I think we have a good relationship with other Asheville govt agencies--like the Asheville Police Dept, downtown business association, and even the Parks&Recreation, in general, but not with the current Special Projects head, Ms Janet Dack. I already ranted about this so we'll just let a lawyer represent us, hopefully, next time. I still dont know, havent decided yet, if we're doing a Sept "Bonfires for Peace at Pritchard Park." But we will sure have at least one more before the year is over...

In lieu of a "Bonfires for Peace" at the park, this Halloween, we might do our annual "Bonfires for Vampires" private costume party/gig in a private property/house. Maybe at Phuncle Sam's house--Marta is talking with Danny Joffe... Dan and the guys accommodated Laurie Blair, Shahid Buttar, and the rest of DC's Guerrilla Poetry Insurgency last week. Thanks! The Insurgency also said THANKS to one and all for the warmth, fun, and hospitality. (Thanks, too, to Mark of Bearly Edible, for the after-event show...)

[ ] Current Traveling Bonfires (PPascua)/New Century Prods (MMcHugh) bookings at the C Note in downtown Manhattan: Aug 29 (Half Light, Pascal); 1 Sept (Deborah Crooks); Sept 19 (Half Light, Mambola).

[ ] Demi Patricia Pascua is organizing a Traveling Bonfires/Third World Asheville show at the 70s Bistro in Quezon City, Manila--in memory of her Lola (grandmother). It'll be called, "A Bonfires Night: Alay kay Lola," and it will be basically poetry reading and singer-songwriter acts. I will be inviting longtime poet/journalist-writer/performer friends Joel Saracho, Fidel Rillo, Jess Santiago, Gary Granada, Joey Ayala, plus surviving members of my old band, Duane's Poetry (Rolly Melegrito, Pearsha Abubakar)... Demi will be talking with Helen Reyes, one of the owners/managers of 70s Bistro--where The Bonfires' "Unplugged Metaphors" poetry/acoustic set program was kind of born more than 15 years ago. I communicate with Helen via email...

I have also formed a litarary writing contest memorial for my Mother -- The Georgiana R. Pascua Memorial Awards for Literature ("Palihang Conching"). For now, I am looking at Filipino and English poetry, Filipino screenplay, and Filipino and English short fiction categories. The first awarding rites happen on Feb 22, her birthday, in Manila. Filipino citizens living in the US (and elsewhere in the world) are also enjoined to send in entries. I will be posting the rules...

[ ] I might do my next Vagrant Wind tour this mid-Sept. I might focus my trip to Chapel Hill, Richmond VA, DC, and back. In Oct, I might do the same route, then proceed to Baltimore, few days in New York, then I'll go to Atlantic City (to watch this big Pinoy concert which I did publicist work with). Anybody who wants to join me in either Sept and Oct trips, let me know...

[ ] Coming Asheville events and shows: (a) Aug 20, 10pm to 2am--Bonfires benefit courtesy of Phuncle Sam & Bearly Edible, at Be; (b) Sept 2,3,4--organizational tabling at Lexington Avenue Arts Festival (thanks to Coleman Smith of Arts2People); (c) Sept 8, 7-9:45pm--Phuncle Sam and June Bugg at Malaprops. We will be starting our Bonfires Open Mic at Bearly Edible soon--in the advent of school year. Our main audience, it turned out, are UNCA students... This is also one of the strongest reasons why we are doing a last (for 2005) "Bonfires for Peace at Pritchard Park" by fall. Students flock to the park and dance to the "Bonfires"--notwithstanding the autumn/early winter chill.

So that's the Update for now. I am watching "Troy" at this moment... after that, "Constantine" (Keanu Reeves), and I'm listening to Cat Stevens' Greatest Hits as I write this. See you tomorrow...

2:03. Asheville NC.

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